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About Dig That Print

Kinda Mufti

Hi there, My name is Kinda, like Linda with a K :)

I am the founder, artist & designer behind Kinda Motifs Inc.

I am Syrian Canadian, I moved to Canada in 2012 with my cat & dog, and together we made a home for us here in Toronto.

My original studies were in interior design & I have a BFA in interior design from Syria.

However, my passion for art & pottery was always parallel to my passion for design.

I have been working in the furniture retail industry for over a decade and as a design consultant for the past five years with a local Furniture Store

In 2022 I founded Kinda Motifs, where I mainly sell my pottery & art.

I also offer design consultation services as well.

Some of my motifs & illustrations are more suited for surface design & that’s how Dig That Print came to be :)